Room Girl ☆ R2.1 ☆ Illusion

Room Girl ☆ R2.1 ☆ Illusion

The Japanese adult game developer Illusion (commonly known as Mirage Club or I Club), which developed the well-known works “Love Live” and “AI Girl”, released the promotional video of the new work “Room Girl” (Room ガール) a while ago. The official trailer was released and the corner pinch experience version was released. The game will be launched at the end of September. A trial version of the game has been released which only includes a female character editor.

If “Love Live” focuses on the campus background, “AI Girl” focuses on the uninhabited island paradise, and “Honey Select” focuses on the fetish guest house, then the feature of Room Girl is the daily fantasy of the workplace.

According to the official introduction, in the Room Girl world, there are many different characters living in the city, and players can control them and intervene to change their lives, such as arranging for them to encounter events in the workplace or other places, and then develop deep friendships relationship, enjoy the fun of communion with the character’s perspective, and paint a life full of H for them.

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How to play Room Girl ☆ R2.1

📥 Download compressed file.

📦 Extract to folder.

🎮 Play game via executable file.