Oppai Odyssey ☆ Version 0.4.3C ☆ Cryoxxx

Oppai Odyssey ☆ Version 0.4.3C ☆ Cryoxxx


You are the captain of the USF starship Agni. Tasked with the mission of exploring uncharted planets in hopes of finding colonization targets, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique races and environments of the universe. Build friendship and share intimacy with your ragtag crew, as you traverse the mysteries of the universe and the nefarious plots of the USF. Oppai Odyssey features completely animated scenes and sexy situations.​

Oppai Odyssey

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How to play Oppai Odyssey ☆ v0.4.3C

📥 Download compressed file.

📦 Extract to folder.

🎮 Play game via executable file.