Last Hope ☆ Version 1.0174 ☆ Poolside Games

Last Hope ☆ Version 1.0174 ☆ Poolside Games


An erotic adventure through space with three very busty women as you try to save the day while enjoying the many pleasures of their company.
You are the newest crew member aboard the Star Pursuit on its mission to find and terraform planets suitable for life. To your surprise, you are the only male on the ship with the other crew members being three beautiful women with huge breasts. Things don’t quite go to plan as the G.A.I.A malfunctions and leaves you all stranded out in the abyss of space. Luckily for you, there is a way to repair the ship that only you are uniquely equipped to handle. Will you take on this task alone or build up your relationships with the girls around you enough to help you reach your goal together, it’s up to you.

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